Dungarvan Bay
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Dungarvan Bass Fishing


As referenced earlier Dungarvan Bay is renowned far and wide for its quality Bass Fishing.
Bass are taken with a variety of techniques ranging from bottom fishing with live bait to surface spinning with artificial lures. The Cunnigar beach with its extensive tidal strips, now occupied by oyster farm beds acts as natural feeding ground for the local bass shoals.
Effective techniques are surface spinning or boat trolling with plugs, while float fishing or uptiding with live sand eel is equally productive.

Bass Fishing Conservation Bye Law S.I. NO. 826 OF 2007 imposes a bag limit on anglers of two bass in any one period of 24 hours and imposes a ban on angling for bass during the spawning season (15th May to the 15th June). There is also a minimum size limit of 40cm for Bass within the State.