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Dungarvan Sightseeing Ardmore Bay Area


Ardmore bay area generally comprises the intervening bay area located between Rams Head cliffs Ardmore and Mine head Cliffs.
It comprises a centralised sweep of fine grain sandy beaches, (located at Ardmore/Curragh and Ballyquin) hemmed in at either end by rising cliff faces.
Ardmore Village, a quaint fishing village, with its historic monastic ruins and landmark Round Tower, has been heavily developed in recent years and is a popular seaside holiday destination.
The village has a number of fine restaurants and guest houses. Of particular notoriety is the additional landmark 5 Star Cliff House Hotel, which watches over the bay area.
In 1987 the Samson crane ship ran a ground under the towering cliffs at Rams Head, Ardmore. Today it still proves a popular tourist draw.
Four miles out to sea south of Rams Head lies the wreck of Cunard lines SS Folia-an obvious draw for both local and visiting divers.
Five miles west of Ardmore Rams head is the entrance to Youghal Harbour, of Moby Dick Movie fame which coincides with the mouth of the Famous salmon river the Blackwater.