Dungarvan Bay
Charter Boats

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Dungarvan Bay Charter Boats cover a wide variety of sea going trips, the majority of fishing trips within 30 to 60 min trip range. Based in Dungarvan Harbour Co. Waterford in the Sunny South East of Ireland with easy access to extensive fishing & diving grounds.

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The fishing catered for:

  • Rough ground drifting off Mine Head and Ardmore Bay areas, where Cod, ling, conger, pollack, coalie, gurnard, pouting are regular visitors to the surface.
  • Wreck Fishing on one of the many WW1 wrecks located within a 14mile radius of Helvick Head, where large ling and conger are had, amongst an often other abundance of large wreck whiting, cod and pollack.
  • Bass fishing has proven quite popular and productive in the Dungarvan Bay Area in recent years and is provided for on request. Many varying fishing techniques prove productive.
  • Mackerel Trips are undertaken in the summer months when the shoals are abundant.
  • Uptiding in Dungarvan Bay for Bass, thornback, lesser spotted dogfish and bullhusse is also productive.

Bird watching
Dungarvan Harbour is a Special Protection Area for birds and their habitat. Helvick Head is a designated Special area of Conservation.
The Bay area is thus proving increasingly popular with bird watchers. The once rare visitor 'the Little Egret' is a regular sight in Dungarvan Harbour.

Whale & Dolphin Watch Trips
Recent television footage has demonstrated now regular visits of whales and Dolphins to the Waterford Coastline. While the arrival of these majestic visitors is not too readily predictable, watching trips are coordinated with recent sightings and will be posted on the website.
Nevertheless whale/dolphin watch trips are available all year round upon request.

Dive Charter is also provided for. This can be to one of the local WW1 wrecks or stunning underwater reef rock outcrops such as 'The Rogue' off Mine Head.
Skipper has advanced knowledge of most dive sites and can provide general base maps and info of underwater topography.

Sightseeing Daytrips down the Coppercoast or west to Ardmore will also be catered for.